Who is Dr. Doğan Turan?

In 1986 Dr. Turan graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. After completing his compulsory service in Ihlara and Aksaray he continued to pursue his career in Izmir. In 1999 he continued pursuing his career in the medical centers which he founded, Private Deniz Medical Center in Karşıyaka and Deniz Hair Transplant Center in Alsancak. In the same year he recieved his medical aesthetic training organized by the Turkish Ministry of Health approved training center. He joined programs to discuss similar topics on national channels as well as TRT, Haber Turk, Sky Turk, Show TV and ATV Europe. With many years of experience in hair transplantation Dr. Turan Doğan is one of the first and rare doctors in our country to implement the pencil method which is also known as DHI (direct hair transplant). From 2012 and on Dr. Doğan has carried his experience and career to Istanbul and he continues his work with hair transplantation in Anadolu Hospital Group.