Shaving of the Hair
For the hair transplant process first the donor area where the hair will be taken from must be shaved. For the FUE method the amount of grafts to be taken from the area are calculated.
For male patients, we prefer the hair to be completely shaved leaving the hair length at 1 mm.
For female patients, we prefer only the specific donor area to be shaved. The remaining hairs must be left in place so that the shaved hairs can blend in. Therefore, by applying the FUE method the areas that the grafts are taken from will not be visible for females.

During the sedation process we typically use Xanax tablets, Diazem or Dormicum to relax our patients. At this stage it is important for the patient’s general health to be under control and for no complications to occur. This assessment is completed by our doctors.

Local Anesthesia
This can be considered the first stage of the hair transplant process. First the area where the graft will be taken from will be numbed using local anesthesia followed by the numbing of the area where the hair will be transplanted. Local anesthesia time is approximately 30 – 60 seconds. Aside from the minor local anesthesia injection pain there is no other pain felt throughout the hair transplantation process