• Hair Transplant
• Facial Hair Transplant
• Moustache Transplant
• Eyebrow Transplant

Roots removed using the FUE method are placed inside of the pens by a nurse. The doctor adjusts the depth, direction and angle of the pens and injects the roots into the skin. The needle automatically retracts and the root remains in the skin.

Since the pen is thinner than 1 mm it is easily possible to control the frequency of the roots, to implant roots between hair that already exsists and allows for implanting roots around the beard and moustache area without leaving any scarring. It is also possible to plant completely natural looking eyebrows. We prefer disposable needles which are available in two different sizes. We use 0.8 mm needles for grafts containing one or two-hair follicular units and 1 mm needles for grafts containing two, three or four-hair follicular units.